Siad has the support of these trusted community members:

Rebecca Gagnon, Minneapolis School Board Director, At-Large

“Siad Ali shows up and advocates for his District 3 community in a collaborative, constructive and informed way. I believe his passion for the community has led him to run for the District 3 school board seat because education is foundational to growing a vibrant and prosperous community. I am thrilled to support Siad’s District 3 school board campaign.”

Robert Albee, Chair of the Ventura Village Neighborhood

“Siad Ali is: Fearless; Compassionate; Committed; Steps forward; Listens deeply & carefully; Family oriented; Help students to succeed and be part of those who help; Reach out to wider community and corporate stakeholders to participate.”

Elizabeth Glidden, Minneapolis City Council Member, Ward 8, Minneapolis City Council Vice President

“I’ve been proud to know Siad Ali for over a decade, as a leader and advocate committed to our entire Minneapolis community. Siad’s exceptional skills of collaboration, community outreach, and relationship-building will be of great value to the Minneapolis School Board and I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy.”

Abdi Warsame, Minneapolis City Council Member, Ward 6

“Siad Ali is the best candidate for the Minneapolis School Board District 3, he has the vision and leadership as well as a profound understanding of how to improve the education of the children of Minneapolis. “

Ellen Dustman, Former Vice Chair, Hopkins School Board

“Minneapolis NEEDS Siad Ali on the Minneapolis School Board.  Siad is a thoughtful leader who knows the community and the needs of its children.  I can’t think of a person more qualified to represent Minneapolis School Board District 3.”

Jibril Afyare, Software Engineer, IBM

“Siad Ali has a bold vision and mission that can bridge the education gab and improve the level of success to our children. His experience, skill sets, compassion and commitment makes Siad Ali the best candidate for the District 3 Minneapolis School Board.”

Deborah Calvert, Executive Assistant to the President and Dean of William Mitchell College of Law and Administrative Manager

“Siad and I worked together for over 4 years at Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office and I have not met a smarter, more educated or more dedicated public servant.  He worked tirelessly, nights and weekends for the people of Minnesota and I know he will bring the same dedication to Minneapolis Public Schools if he is elected.”

Imam Sa’ad Roble
Imam Abdiqani Al Qardaawi
Ubah Jama
Mursal Mire
Abdirizak Bihi
Stephanie Leill
Bennett Smith
Nasro Abukar
Kaleb Rumicho
Salma Mohamed
Osman Ahmed
Laki Ismail
Salmah Hussein
Said Garaad
Abdiaziz Maahaay
Rahma Mohamud
Bille Sugulle
Saeed Bihi

And, many more of your friends and neighbors.  Add your name to my list of endorsements by clicking here.