Siad Ali Re-Election Letter

Dear District Three Residents:

Having served as your elected Minneapolis School Board representative for the past three years, I have decided to seek your support and endorsement for another four-year term. In order to earn that support, I have worked very hard on your behalf and wish to take this opportunity to outline some of our successes during my term:

  • We hired a new Superindendent, bringing increased equity among students & improved adult instructional programming to the Minneapolis Schools.

  • We increased graduation rates overall and achieved the highest ever for Somali-American students and adopted a Pre-K-5 literacy curriculum including an English Language development and Spanish language instruction for English Learners.

  • We implemented an English Learner Caucus committee to focus on specific issues.

  • We Increased teacher diversity through intensive recruitment efforts and by retaining many of our culturally-diverse staff; we also implemented a Grow-Your-Own-Special EducationTeacher program.
  • We introduced Board resolutions affirming Minneapolis Public Schools as a welcoming and safe district for Immigrants and Muslims, ensuring district values of cultural diversity and linguistic assets for our communities.
  • We supported construction of the Phillips Community Aquatic Center to help prevent drowning by our residents and students. We also constructed a new building for Transition Plus and Adult Basic Education programming and completed renovations to Sanford and Anderson school buildings, upgrading air conditioning at several more schools.
  • I strongly support developing a balanced Minneapolis Public School budget through comprehensive structural changes in transportation, facilities, and structural programing by school year 2019-2020.
  • I will work hard for an improved, culturally-responsive instructional programming that increases the number of schools with Somali instruction classes.
  • Finally, I will build on the Grow-Your-Own Special Education-Teacher program to help increase the diversity of staffing to more accurately reflect the realities of our student demographics.

With your help and support, the next four years at the Minneapolis Public Schools will continue to demonstrate that with a dedicated school board, administration, and marvelous work accomplished by our teachers in the classrooms, we will progress in our educational offerings allowing even more students to feel welcomed and respected. I wish to stand by their side and do all I can to continue making our schools better than ever!



Why I’m Running

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I want to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for election to the Minneapolis School Board for District Three in 2014. Having been an active participant in the school district and surrounding community for over 6 years, I appreciate and understand what makes Minneapolis Public Schools so special and the tremendous challenges we face. I am seeking your support and your vote because I will continue to strive for a better quality education for all students and build for Minneapolis’ future.

My wife, Khadra and I have four children, ages five, four, two, and two months old. They inspire me to work for a better community and a better, more equitable school system for all families.

I have a demonstrated commitment to our community and children through my many years of experience in the employment, immigration, education and diversity fields. Years ago as a new arrival in America I was hired as a Bilingual Education Assistant for the Minneapolis Public Schools and became an adjunct faculty member at Riverland Community College in Owatonna. It was there that I received my first experiences as a member of policy-making boards.

While working as a career counselor at Owatonna’s Work Force Center, I was recruited to serve on the City of Owatonna’s Human Rights Commission and the local Allina Hospital Board of Trustees. Currently, I am a member of the English Language Learners Commission for the Minneapolis Public Schools, where I was once a participant. I have worked for US Senator Amy Klobuchar for over 6 years, currently as Senior Constituent Advocate, focusing on immigration casework and community outreach.

Over the course of eight years in India, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Computers, a Masters in Commerce, and a Masters in Business Administration. After moving to the United States, I earned a master’s degree in Education from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis in 2007. Education has taken me around the world, enabled me to move to this great country, secure a job in the office of a U.S. Senator, and build community. I want to open the same doors of opportunity for our youth. I desire to bring these many years of education and valuable experience in policy-making, in community outreach, and in government to bear on meeting the challenges that face our school district.

I look forward to serving our district and community.


Siad Ali
Candidate for Minneapolis School Board